Preggie Kitchen Creations: Java French Toast

I’m using my days off to practice this stay-at-home-wife/mom stuff.

Today’s agenda:
1. Sleep in (I made it to 8:30am before my bladder wouldn’t take it anymore.)
2. Wear wedding dress while brushing teeth (Tomorrow is our anniversary!)
3. Hit the gym (1 mile on the elliptical, 1.5 miles on the bike, not too shabby.)
4. Take down tree (Mark had a huge hand in this.)
5. Continue Arrested Development marathon (I heart Jason Bateman.)
6. Enjoy an epic bubble bath (If I yell, “Help! Help!” Mark comes and turns off the water!)
7. Make dinner (The reason behind this blog entry…)
8. Watch wedding DVD (Our wedding rocked!)

Mark happened to be in the shower when I pulled off the wedding dress stunt – he got a good laugh at seeing my very pregnant belly in my very slim-fitting dress. Needless to say, it wouldn’t zip all the way.

When it comes to cooking (which has been a rarity the past few months), I’m trying to get creative. I needed to get rid of half a loaf of bread and some eggs, so I opted for French toast casserole. After perusing, I was only halfway satisfied with what I found…so I came up with my own.

-1 cup of brewed Ghiradelli Chocolate Caramel coffee (or whatever you prefer)
-2 tsps. cinnamon
-2 tbsps. vanilla
-2 tsps. sugar
-2 tbsps. brown sugar
-4 tbsps. cream cheese
-4 eggs
-6 slices of wheat bread (quartered)

Preheat oven to 350. Coat the pan/dish of your choice with nonstick spray (I used a medium-sized Corningware dish). Line the dish with bread. Pour the brewed coffee into a large coffee cup – fill about halfway. Add vanilla, cinnamon, and cream cheese to the coffee cup; stir well. Crack eggs into mixing bowl, then whisk the coffee cup mixture in with the eggs; add sugar. Pour everything over the bread, sprinkle with cinnamon, and bake for about 30 minutes with the lid, then 5-10 minutes without the lid. Serve with powdered sugar and syrup! (This makes about 4 servings.)

Mark walked in from a round of disc golf and said, “It smells like Christmas!”