Life with the Ludwigs!
Second only to my faith, my family is the most important aspect of my life. God has blessed me with the ability to raise my children full-time while my husband works hard to support our family. I taught high school English for six years in Texas and the UK; I absolutely fell in love with my students. Turns out, I loved teaching so much that homeschooling became a natural fit for our family! I’m so thankful for Sally Clarkson’s vision, guidance, leadership, and wisdom in this area. She’s my mama-mentor — her books and podcasts provide such a beautiful biblical perspective.

Mark and I were married in a fairy-tale ceremony on January 15, 2011. We celebrated the birth of our first son, Asher, in May of 2012. Two years later, we welcomed our second son, Keane, also a May baby. I am humbled and honored to be a wife and mother. There are many days that I fall short and fail my family, but God’s grace allows me to press on in His love.


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