A Beautiful Chaos

Some days my house is clean, laundry is done, and dinner is ready by the time my husband gets home.
Other days, my house is a disaster area, the hampers have spewed dirty laundry all over the floor, and dinner is chips and salsa.

On the “good” days I pride myself on being a sort of Stepford Wife…on the “chaotic” days, I feel more like a zombie. However, when I really sit back and evaluate (overlooking the spit-up in my hair), I really do love our chaos days. When my son has my undivided attention, laundry won’t get done. The cloth diaper pail runneth over, but Asher knows Mommy is all his. When my husband has my true listening ear, a full dinner isn’t such a priority. The dishes overflow out of the sink, but we snuggle up on the couch and spend quality time together.

There are so many things left to say, but my son just started crying…it’s time to embrace the chaos!