Core Values

The Ludwig Core Values spell out the mission and vision for our family. We weigh our decisions about activities, homeschooling, and church involvement (and pretty much everything else) against these ideals. If it doesn’t fit in with these goals, then we won’t include it in our family’s life. It’s a good litmus test that keeps us from spinning our wheels and wasting our time on things that don’t truly matter.

Ludwig Core Values

Our Jesus Mission gives our family a focal point for serving God. I never want my children to wonder about why they are here on God’s green earth, and I don’t ever want them to fall into the trap of thinking that they “missed their calling.” Throughout my growing up years as a pastor’s daughter, I encountered countless people who sat around waiting for God to write his divine plan for their lives in fiery ink on the wall. God has already clearly defined his will for us in His word, so it’s important that I teach my boys what they can do to live for Jesus at every age and stage of life. This also happens to serve as an excellent reminder on my mission of motherhood!

Our Jesus Mission