A Beautiful Year in Review

We survived the first year…it’s been absolutely amazing! Thinking back to my early twenties (when I had the world figured out), I remember “knowing” how I would raise my future children. I’m happy to say that everything I said I would NEVER do, I have done. Ten years ago, this would have been my birth plan: Epidural. ASAP. And as for care and feeding: Formula. My boobs are mine.

I am proud of my drug-free natural birth. I am proud that I trusted God’s design for my body. I am proud that my son is still breastfeeding at one year. It was the most difficult obstacle I’ve ever encountered – I had never before heard of tongue or lip ties – and once Asher’s sweet little mouth was fixed, he nursed like a champ! I am proud that I trusted my judgment when he had coughs and colds; he has never needed antibiotics. No diaper rashes, no ear infections – is that even possible?! I’ve been able to rely on my crunchy mom friends who have wonderful holistic living experience, and my son was always better within a week of an illness. (Breastmilk is the ultimate medicine!) Cloth diapers have saved us THOUSANDS, and a generous gift of from some good friends meant I didn’t have to buy ANY babywipes until he was two weeks shy of one year.

Without my husband and amazing family, I would not be the mother I am today. Mark has supported me without question, and has even surprised me with his desire to co-sleep. His love for Asher blows me away on a daily basis! I’ve been in love with him for years, but watching him love our son is an indescribable feeling. My parents and in-laws have been there to watch Asher on drill weekends and date-nights, he sure does love his grandparents! Our siblings have also been amazing support systems who love our son as they do their own children.

The word “blessed” doesn’t come close to describing my life. I am honored to be a mother. I am honored to be a wife. I am honored to be a daughter and sister. The most flattering compliment I’ve ever received came from a woman at church a few month’s ago, “You’re Asher’s mom, aren’t you?!”

Yes. I am Asher’s mother. I am Mark’s wife. And it is incredible!