The Kingdom Keepers

A parable to help young children understand spiritual warfare.

There once were two brothers who were princes in a beautiful kingdom. The kingdom was surrounded by a thick forest of lofty trees and wonderful creatures. Early one morning, the king called out for the two princes, and they came running to the throne room. “My sons,” he said as he gathered up a bundle from behind his throne, “this kingdom is your inheritance. I am placing you in charge. You must care for it and all who live within it.”

The princes looked at their father in amazement, “But Father,” the older brother gasped, “how will keep the enemies away? We are only young princes!” The younger prince looked to his kingly father and asked, “What must we do?” The king smiled a warm smile that made his eyes twinkle. He looked at his young son and said, “I commission you, Prince Oak,” then he turned to his older son, “and I commission you, Prince Aspen. Be filled with strength and perseverance!”

The princes watched in wonder as their father, the king of this majestic kingdom, unwrapped the bundle he had been holding. It was full of flags. Each flag was made of a rich velvet banner, the color of rubies and bordered with ribbons of gold. The banner was attached to a sturdy stick, about the length of the king’s arm. He divided the flags among the princes.

“My sons,” the king said seriously, “I conquered this kingdom long ago, and it’s your mission to uphold that victory. The enemy wants to trick you into thinking they have rights to the kingdom, but they do not. They know these flags, and they fear them. Whenever you encounter any forces of the enemy, here is what you do.” The king stood to his full height, raised a flag in his hand and instructed his sons: “Stand firm, plant a flag, and proclaim, ‘Stop in the name of the King! I see you, Evil Enemy, and I banish you in the name of the King!’” As he spoke, he firmly planted the flag into the throne room floor.

Prince Aspen and Prince Oak were in awe of his strength! Under their father’s guidance, they each took a flag and did exactly as the king had done. The king watched with pride and love in his eyes, then he drew the boys into an embrace. “I’m giving you my power and authority to stand in victory for this journey. Now go and make it so.”

The princes bowed to their father, gathered their flags into their royal satchels, and set off for the forest…