If I Only Knew…

I originally wrote these words over seven years ago…if only I knew then what I know now!

“God has shown me, through recent events, how necessary it is to show His love and compassion, especially when it’s easier not to. It’s much easier to grab a rock off the side of a road & hurl it in someone’s direction. Easy because I’d be far away at a safe distance, not witnessing the blow of the impact. Personally, I hate confrontation, so I usually run the other direction. I have to change the chanel when people start arguing on talk shows because I can’t deal with it! I cringe when newscasters get into heated debates with the interviewees, and again – change the chanel. (See the pattern here?!)

Usually, the harder thing for me to do in these situations is stand beside the person getting hit with rocks. I’d be forced to see their pain, watch them bleed and bandage their wounds. It’s these times that force me to face my demons and examine my own heart. I hate confrontation so much I’d rather stand infront of the stones, but that’s not always an option. Everybody expierences times in life when the stones seem to be coming from one of those tennis ball thrower-things and your feet are glued to the ground so you can’t run away, and I think sometimes that can be a necessary evil.

God has taken his super-glue to my feet this past week and shown me what my first instinct, Olympic Stone Throwing, really does – and it makes me sick. I want to apologize to anyone and everyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of my stupidity.”

Seven years later, those words are oddly prophetic. To all of those who stood beside me and bandaged my wounds: Thank you.

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