Meat, Potatoes, & Creative Juices

Of all the things I should be doing right now, this probably isn’t one of them. Papers need grading, a bladder needs emptying, and posters need laminating. C’est la vie…

Last night I cooked homemade mashed potatoes & filet mignon. I was quite proud of my taters…since it was my first try at making them myself. This goes to show you how lazy I am – peeling, quartering, boiling, mashing, & seasoning seem like so much effort – but it was totally worth it. The meat, however…I thought might be poisoned. I’ve grilled this stuff (same cut, same brand) before & it came out perfect. Last night, it didn’t look right, and didn’t smell right. I’m not talking putrid Upton Sinclair’s jungle-meat, but enough to make me wonder if I’d spend the rest of the night sick. Mark inhaled his with no problem, even after several, “Are you sure this doesn’t smell weird to you?” inquiries on my part. I ate two pieces, then focused on gorging myself with mashed potatoes. He finally forked one of my pieces, popped it in his mouth, and after a couple of chews deposited it in the trash. I lived through the night, so I guess it wasn’t rotten to the point of poison.

Mr. Mystery Meat caused me to ponder… I started thinking: How can two cuts of meat in the same package be so different? Granted, they were vacuum sealed apart from each other, but still! Just goes to show things aren’t always what they seem. People are the same way, we may look delicious – all wrapped in bacon & dripping with juice – but may be rotten to the core. How often am I a whitewashed tomb, full of dead men’s bones and everything else unclean? Chew on that.

Spring break is now a distant memory and summer is only 66 days away. I’ve lived life semester-to-semester since I was five years old, so at this point I can’t imaging having to work during the summer. Every year when the administrators send out the summer school job opening list, I ponder applying for all of ten seconds…then think Who am I kidding? and delete it. All last week I got to pretend I was a stay-at-home-wife, which only makes me more eager for this summer. One of my favorite things is planning surprises for Mark, and I realize most of those take place when my brain isn’t full of Romeo & Juliet. I’ve already planned our July 4th getaway to Fredericksburg, and am ready to sit by the pool and read until my eyeballs ooze out of my head. Personal free time will one day be a thing of the past; the day will come when I’m worried about other things oozing out of diapers. In the meantime, I’ll focus my creative juices on spontaneous picnics; wine, cheese, and cracker nights; snuggling my guts out; planning mini-weekend getaways; and trying to turn everyday things into Mark & Robin Adventures. My daily goal (at which I often fail miserably) is to love Mark in ways that are unique, tangible, genuine, and sacrificial; I look forward to two months of uninterrupted goal meeting!

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