The Gift of the Thorn

A Love Letter from My Abba…this should be mandatory reading every day for the rest of my life.


Apart from Me you can do nothing so put no confidence in your flesh. Wrap yourself in Me; know My truth and be set free. Let Me be your adequacy, your portion, your delight. Let Me control your emotions, your reactions, your words. Let Me dissipate doubt, banish fear, and hold you steady.

Deeply root yourself in Me and you will accomplish everything I’ve called you to do. My dear girl, please don’t try to do it on your own, just lift up your hands and let Me carry you through. I am your guide; I am your only direction. Do not run around senselessly, but seek My purpose and do things on purpose. Live by My leading. I long for you to bear fruit that will remain and not uselessly exert your energy planting weeds.

Robin, My daughter, My grace is enough, it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness. Like Paul, I chose not to remove the thorn in your flesh; I kept it there for a purpose – trust My reasons. Rejoice in My gift! Do not view it as a handicap. I longed to move in your weakness, but you wouldn’t allow yourself to be weak. You relied on your own false strength while I desired to lovingly take over. My beloved, I broke your legs so I could carry you for a while. I prolong healing to teach you to lean on Me and to stop running ahead of Me.

When you remember to hold My hand your gait is unlabored and peaceful. When you try to run on your own – with weak, still-broken legs – you experience pain and setbacks in your healing. The weaker you get and the more you cling to Me, the stronger you become. Stop trying and just let Me do it!

Wait for Me, My stubborn child. Let Me lead you out of harm’s way. Fall into My arms and let Me rescue you from yourself. Seek Me and live. My presence is your healing. Focus on Me, redirect your thoughts to My ways. Daughter, your faith has healed you. You have been healed longer than you realize! When you look at the thorn and see it as punishment or a handicap you take your focus away from Me and My beautiful gift. Focusing on the thorn allows the enemy to whisper lies that you are not healed. Go in My peace; I have freed you from your suffering. Your suffering comes only when you try to run on fractured legs. Lean on Me. Rest in Me. Trust in Me.

-Your Relentlessly Loving Father

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