Third Trimester Tirade

Ok, this isn’t so much of a “tirade”…I just really like alliteration…and assonance…and ellipses! (This is what happens to English teachers who have been out of the classroom too long.)

As I finish up my first month of bed rest, I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with myself – excessive napping tends to be my biggest crutch. Afterall, if I’m sleeping I’m not tempted to wander around the house, clean the kitchen, or do laundry. Apparently my cervix is a tattle tale, so we’ll just leave it at that.

My major accomplishments thus far include finishing a few books; creating a birth plan; finding a doula; praying scripture over my pregnancy, labor, and delivery; compiling a “birth playlist” for my iPhone; practicing relaxation and breating techniques; cutting my own hair; and keeping in business. I figure that bed rest will keep me from a traditional baby shower, so I don’t want to be high and dry when Asher makes his debut.

Currently, I’m half-way through Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing book. There’s so much science, research, and medical knowledge to back-up this method it’s incredible! For personal reasons, I’ve chosen to do everything within my power to avoid induction and an epidural. I’m not on a crusade; I have nothing against those things; nor do I judge anyone who chooses to use them. Healthy babies are all that matter, not how they get here! I belive God designed my body to do certain things, and I want the opportunity to experience his holy and perfect design. Whatever pain may be associated with labor is nothing compared to the pain Christ endured for me, so I figure in the grand scheme of things I have no room to complain.

There are many who immediately dismiss my decision as stupid, fanatical, or believe I’m trying to prove something. On the contrary, I belive labor and delivery decisions are private family matters that should be discussed and supported by those involved in the birthing process. I would never criticize or belittle someone for their medical decisions, but it shocks me the way acquaintences and strangers react to my choices. Recently I was told to “just get the epidural and enjoy labor.” I absolutely do plan on enjoying the birth of my child, and I prefer to do it on my own terms…within the confines of medical safety and doctor supervision, of course.

As of today, I have approximately 83 days until I meet the tiny litte guy who is going to forever change my world. God has charged me with being a parent to this wonderful miracle, and I will do absolutely everything in my power to do what is right for me and my family. Looking back at the time I’ve spent with my own family, I am overwhelmed by God’s blessings. That He would allow me the privalege of leading and guiding this little life is something I have difficulty comprehending. I long to be the type of mom that my granny and mother have been. I want Asher to know the gentle love and grace from Mark that I have experienced from my own father. It’s been a huge blessing to see my brother become a wonderful daddy, and I know Mark will be an absolutely wonderful father to our son…he already is!

2 thoughts on “Third Trimester Tirade

  1. So, now that I have ventured into the wonderful world of FB, I just had to click on your page and see what's new… as I have not been the best friend that I should be and check in on you regularly 😦 And then I saw your blog and had to jump inside the wonderful world of Robin (it's like you knew I needed to catch up and you were already ready for me!)…I love that you have the time to look into these challenging issues and come up with what might be your game plan for the day of. I also think it is crazy for anyone to tell you how you should handle your personal business, especially when it regards the absolute most beautiful moment of your pregnancy. I had briefly talked with Garrett regarding my hopes and fears for the day of delivery… you know like how I wanted to go for as long as possible before discussing the option of an epidural… and how I truly did not want a c-section. But when it all came down to it, after 5 hours of induced labor and slight complications with my little guy, I was just happy that (…like you said) I was in the most capable hands of the medical staff and the big man Himself; I knew I didn't have any reason to truly worry about anything. And it was like everything else, aside from the health of Lincoln and myself, I just really didn't stress about it. Plus, nobody can tell you how you will handle the pain of birthing or even how long delivery will actually be, so for the most part, it'll be play-by-play when it's actually in motion and your birthing plan will be a great guide if everything works out perfectly.I have to say the day Lincoln was born, while it was all happening, I was loving every minute of it. Yea the pain sucks, but it is the most raw and amazing experience I have ever had. And when I first heard Mr. Lincoln's tiny little cries as the doctor pulled him from my belly, it was the most wonderfully emotional moments of my life; it was a magical moment for both me & Garrett.Parenthood is absolutely incredible and you & Mark will be amazing!


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