Bullets, Bombs, & Bombshells

“Pentagon lifts ban on women in combat…women now eligible for U.S. combat duty…” so says CNN’s headlines. I imagine there were hundreds of medics and security forces of the female persuasion who laughed at that news, considering they’ve been in combat for years at this point. The first two women to earn Silver Stars since WWII were a cop and a medic.

Modern warfare is an equal opportunity slaughterhouse, and to say that women shouldn’t be eligible for the frontlines is to say that one life is more important than another. Women in the military can take a bullet and shoot a bullet the same as a man.

Please don’t read that last line as: Women are completely, in every way, physically equal to men. I do not agree that is the case. Science proves otherwise, so there’s no need to chase that rabbit.

I imagine this recent legislation ranks right up there with “allowing” homosexuals to serve in the military. My response to lifting DADT was barely more than an eyebrow raise…whooptydooo. This is my eleventh year of service, and from day one I’ve served alongside many upstanding gays and lesbians. They’ve always been there, and it’s never been a problem. They are people, just like me, and I’ve never made any distinctions.

As long as the military keeps standards high and doesn’t soften requirements for the sake of increasing female numbers in combat positions, then this should be little more than a blip on the radar of military history. Yes, it is significant, and I’m sure feminists all over the country are burning an extra bra in celebration, but I don’t think fainting couches and extra smelling salts will be needed to accommodate any delicate sensibilities.

One thought on “Bullets, Bombs, & Bombshells

  1. I am eager to see the benefits that we can't imagine. sacrifices from women on front lines could bring a new brand of herons and role models. less focus on honey boo boo's and snooki. atleast I hope it does.


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