DIY: FREE Home Management Binder!

Marvel at this thing of beauty. Take it in. Let your inner binder-making nerd revel in its glory.

Now go make your own!

After hearing several mommy-friends sing the praises of a certain popular life planner, I began researching a do-it-yourself version. I’m all for custom covers and cutesy calendars, but I knew my husband wouldn’t be as thrilled as I was about a $50+ planner. My sweet eight-week-old was kind enough to lead me into a bout of mastitis, which resulted in a weekend of bed-rest at my parents’ house. While I nursed ’round the clock and they entertained my toddler, I scavenged the interwebs for free printables to make my own planner. Some call these home management binders…I simply call it, My Precious.

Here are the links to my favorite free printables:

Prayer calendars:×11.pdf?inf_contact_key=f8053c3d92eff68e12feb9ef4115a5d8ddc3c78bd3ad29df594ad147c61ebcb5

Daily/Weekly/Calendar Stuff:

Activities for kids



LOTS of calendars & meal planners

Dates to remember

30 Day Challenge

Weekly schedule (love this one!)

LOTS of calendars & planners


Clean 15/Dirty Dozen —

Grocery list —

Please note: I did not create ANY of these wonderful printables, I just compiled the list.

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