Living a Life of Sabbath Margin

I recently finished up a group study of Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe, and it has been an absolute game-changer. Over the past ten-to-twelve weeks, God has really been speaking to my heart — teaching me to rightly order my affections for him — and Breathe flowed perfectly with what God had already been showing me. A leisurely stroll through our neighborhood with Asher allowed me to reflect on God’s presence in every aspect of life.

Since finishing the study a few weeks ago, my priorities have changed, my lifestyle has shifted, and I’m absolutely in love with simplicity. Creating margin in every aspect of my life has allowed me to flourish as a wife and mother. Of course there are still crazy, chaotic days…but I know where to go for solace and peace. 

Living a lifestyle that lends itself to celebrating the Sabbath creates clarity and presence of mind. The Sabbath isn’t simply about The Seventh Day…it’s much more than that. Incorporating elements of the Sabbath into every single day have allowed me to focus on the things that matter most, and not get caught up in crazy-makers, background noise, and mama-drama from outside sources. I’m creating space in my house — goodbye old baby clothes, books that I’m not reading, and toys that accumulate dust. I’ve started limited my time on social media — focusing mostly on family and long-time friends, instead of several happening mommy groups. Leaving one particular moms’ group was difficult; I enjoyed dialoguing with my favorite mommy friends throughout the day…but I lacked boundaries and over-indulged on a regular basis. We got rid of cable — and its accompanying monthly bill. The less there is to distract me, the more my heart is focused on truth, goodness, and beauty — and my soul is anchored in God’s Word.

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