Why My Babies See a Chiropractor

When I tell people that my children (ages two years and three months) see a chiropractor on a weekly basis, I get a lot of strange looks and questions. The two most often-asked questions are “Why?” and “Won’t that hurt the baby?” Most people are familiar with accident and injury chiropractors who crack, pop, and align the spine with a firm hand, but they’ve never heard of a wellness chiropractor.

Wellness chiropractors operate from the mentality that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves. Your heart beats, your lungs breathe, and your nervous system runs the show — every body system relies on the central nervous system. That system cannot work properly if our bodies aren’t in alignment; wellness chiropractors use gentle manipulations to allow the body to function at an optimal level. Regular adjustments serve as preventative healthcare. Asher, my older son, was about twelve months old at his first chiropractic visit; Keane, my younger son, was six days old. The only reason Asher was so “old” at his first visit is because I didn’t know much about chiro-care for kids at that point.

When Asher began crawling, he would purposely and forcefully bang his head on the ground. This unnerving banging happened on a regular basis, and after several months the frontal plate of his skull shifted from the repeated impact. He still looked normal to everyone else, but my husband and I could see the slight difference. His pediatrician wrote it off as being normal for some babies, but in my gut I knew it wasn’t normal. As he neared one year old, he began exhibiting sensory-seeking behavior (in addition to the head-banging) consistent with sensory processing disorder, ADD, and/or ADHD (many of their symptoms overlap, and at such a young age it was too early to know for sure).

Several of my crunchy friends suggested taking him to see a chiropractor — I put it off for a few months because, like most people, I thought the adjustments would be hard on his little body. I finally gave in after these friends assured me it was all very gentle…watching him hit his head on the tile floor left me in tears on more than one occasion, and I was desperate for him to stop.

His first adjustment with Dr. Terry Garcia left me amazed! She was so gentle and sweet — I used more “force” getting him into and out of his car seat than she did with the adjustment. Even more amazing was that he quit banging his head with regular adjustments, and it didn’t take months to see results, it took weeks. I was hooked. Her knowledge of health and wellness astounded me (still does), and she made the suggestion to give up gluten to see if his other symptoms would improve. Since he was still nursing, I needed to cut it out of my diet as well. Seeing Asher’s overall improvement made me a believer: I, too, began to see her for weekly adjustments. As she suspected, the other symptoms improved and cleared up after gluten left our bodies. My general health shifted for the better as a result. When Keane was born, she came to our house to adjust him in his first week of life, and he has seen her every week since.

Chiropractic care has cleared up ear infections without the need for antibiotics, helped with sinus congestion, headaches, muscle aches, digestive issues, and promotes better sleep. Since seeing our chiropractor on a weekly basis, I haven’t been sick. At all. The minute my son gets congested or isn’t acting like his normal, happy self, we head to the chiropractor’s office. Both of my boys absolutely love our chiropractor, and Asher talks about going to see “Dotor Tehwey” all of the time.

If you’ve been considering a wellness chiropractor, please make an appointment. At worst, you go once and move on with your life. At best, you’ll find drastically improved health, fertility, vitality, and peace of mind!

Keane’s Birth Story

My sweet second son made his way Earthside on May 22, 2014 at 12:41pm. I had been preparing for his birth through two weeks of prodromal labor; I had steady, consistent contractions just about every evening from midnight to 5:00am. It was exhausting.

With Asher, I was on bed rest for half of the pregnancy due to preterm labor. Contractions became such a normal part of pregnancy that it was difficult to tell which ones were real versus prodromal labor. I knew things were different with Asher when my water broke – I was relying on that same indicator with Keane, knowing that it wasn’t a guarantee.

The week prior to Keane’s arrival, I made sure to see my beloved chiropractor, Terry Garcia, as often as possible. She came to my rescue Sunday afternoon (May 18th) after a particularly intense night of contractions. I felt like a new woman after her adjustment, so I made sure to see her every day until I delivered. Our daily visits lifted my spirits; she reminded me that my body was powerful and would do exactly what it needed to do at the perfect time. Those hugs and encouraging words were extremely helpful after being up for several hours each night with contractions that were one minute long, and one minute apart.

After putting Asher to bed Wednesday, May 21st, I stayed up to watch TV, work on laundry, and mentally prepare – I truly felt that May 22nd would be the day. My contractions were back, but not intense enough to call my doula. I pulled out the ol’ breast-pump and tried to encourage them, I drank lots of water, ate some carbs, and made sure to keep my bladder empty. At some point after midnight, Asher woke up and wanted Mommy snuggles, so I laid down with him. I snuck out of bed around 1:30am to go potty, and while walking thought the living room to get to the other side of the house, my water broke. Luckily, I was standing on the tile floor. Luckily, Mark happened to also be walking though the living room a minute or two later, and came to my rescue with a towel.

I waited forty-five minutes to text my doula, Maria Pokluda. Sleep is very important, and I hated to wake her up in the middle of the night…even though she fully expects it and doesn’t mind at all. I knew things weren’t intense enough to head to the hospital, so we decided to wait it out for a while. She was able to get a little more rest, but I was too excited. I bounced on the birth ball for a bit, then walked around the block several times at 3:30am. It was a beautiful, cool night and the birds were chirping just for me. I used that time to pray, and my excitement grew.

Sometime after 4:00am, I woke Mark up and told him we should probably take Asher to Nana and Papa’s house. We loaded up the car and dropped him off sometime before 5:00am, then made our way to Harris in Fort Worth. My original goal was to wait as long as possible to head to the hospital, but that put us in danger of hitting morning rush-hour traffic. Car rides in active labor are no fun.

By 5:45am, we were checked in and I was dilated to a “loose four” per the nurse. She also informed me that my fore-bag had broken, but the rest of the bag of waters was still intact. I gave my permission to pop that sucker. By 6:45am, the midwife on call had been by to check my progress and break the bag, which proved to be unnecessary. The floodgates opened up when she checked me, and my contractions soon became more intense. My mother arrived just before 7:00am, and my doula wasn’t far behind her. Birth Boot Camp instructor, Tami Zubke, arrived around 9:30am to take photos and observe. (Her photographs helped me piece this birth story together after two weeks of minimal sleep!)

At 9:40am, the mood was light. Mark was napping on the couch, Maria and I were reminiscing about Asher’s birth, and Mom was getting excited. I walked the halls with Maria, and she helped me through the contractions for the next hour. The nurse began filling the tub around 10:45am. A few minutes shy of 11:00am, I was in the tub, progressing nicely. Maria massaged my sacrum. I ate a popsicle. Intense, but not unbearable.

By 11:30am, I was clinging to the side of the tub through each contraction and “vocalizing.” That’s a nice way of saying I was getting loud. So loud, in fact, that Mark snapped at two women in the hallway when they made a comment about my epidural not being strong enough. Near noon, Mom made the comment that she wouldn’t be surprised if Keane was born in the next thirty minutes. Knowing that my last labor went quickly, Maria agreed that anything was possible. I silently prayed that they were right. Soon, I started getting pushy…someone left the room to hunt down the nurse and midwife.

My midwife gave me the ok to start pushing at 12:15pm. Time seemed to stand still in the throes of these powerful contractions. I pushed through each one, then rested. I wasn’t myself at this point…I was in the zone and very primal. Thirty minutes of push, rest, push, rest. I felt his head crowning. Everyone gasped when they saw his headful of dark hair. Push, rest, push, rest — a life-giving cadence. With one last big push, I roared my baby into the world.

I lifted Keane out of the water and onto my chest, so proud of myself and so in love with my new son.