Quick & Easy: Creamy Avocado Ranch Dip

Grab your favorite chips, a veggie platter, or (if you’re like my two-year-old) just a spoon! You’ll have this dip thrown together in no time.

1 tablespoon of dry ranch seasoning
2 avocados
3 ounces of cream cheese

Mash everything together in a bowl. That’s it! If you’re feeling fancy and don’t mind extra dishes to clean, throw it all in the food processor. I just use a fork, because it’s more socially acceptable to lick a fork than it is to lick a food processor. (And less chance of injury to my tongue, which I need to enjoy the dip.)

You really can’t go wrong with the measurements — add more avocados, more cream cheese, more ranch…or less, depending on your palate. It’s a nice alternative to guacamole, will wow a crowd, and won’t last long. Maybe you should just go ahead and double the recipe!

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