DIY: Back to School Intro Photo

As a former teacher and a daughter of a kindergarten teacher, I know all too well how hectic those meet-the-teacher encounters can be. There’s one teacher, twenty-something students, two (or more) parents per student, and maybe even a few grandparents thrown in for good measure.

Give the teacher a helping hand by putting a face to a name! I created this cute little get to know me graphic in about five minutes using a recent photo and PicMonkey, a FREE photo editor. Be sure to include your child’s favorite things, food allergies or health alerts, and any other pertinent information.

My son isn’t quite ready for kindergarten, but he really enjoys his two-day-a-week Mother’s Day Out program. I emailed his intro photo to his teachers prior to meet-the-teacher night so they would be able to recognize him the first time he walks into their classroom. Even if your student is already back in school, I’m sure the teacher would appreciate a get to know me photo within the first month. I remember how crazy those early days can be!

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